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            About us

Quanzhou Wangzheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Nan'an City, Quanzhou. Relying on the rich resources of the local walkie-talkie enterprise chain, it has mastered the modern management concepts of walkie-talkie production, sales and service. Taking the revitalization of China's walkie-talkie national brand as the heavy trust, we will strive to forge ahead and develop steadily. At present, the company has a diversified product series, and the products are sold in major cities across the country, and have been widely praised and affirmed by users, dealers and the same industry. Equipped with a variety of professional walkie-talkie production, R & D application equipment, and built a modern standard factory building. Wanzheng Communication knows that the only way to develop production is to improve product quality. Only by providing the market with satisfactory high-quality products and services can we lead the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise and create a win-win situation for the enterprise, society and employees.



Why Choose Us

Qualiry and Service First

Excellent Quality

The pursuit of excellence in technology, the introduction of advanced and efficient production equipment, strict quality management system, staff skills training, etc., are only for the pursuit of excellent product quality and ensure that each product can meet the needs of users.

After-sale Service

To provide customers with a traceable and continuous order system, to ensure the use, maintenance and technology of products so far, and to provide customers with a strong technical backing. 7x24 hours after-sales service, so that customers can rest assured and at ease.

Professional Equipments

Equipped with a variety of professional walkie-talkie production equipment, together with R & D and application, we have built a modern standard factory building and professional production staff to ensure production capacity, output and quality.

Brand Horner

After years of precipitation and deep cultivation of the industry, the company has won the trust of brand owners and agents in various provinces and cities, and has also won consistent praise both inside and outside the industry.

Wanzheng Communication Factory, Jinshan Village, Xiamei Town, Nan'an City, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province

135-5959-6783 / 159-5995-1533

alice@wanzhengradio.com      sales@wanzhengradio.com



Professional Walkie Talkie Manufactuer

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